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10 Powerful Tips for 2019

2018 left us many teachings, as it came with exciting challenges. We launched this blog, started private practice, partnered with other professionals to share our story, and all while also trying to balance our full time jobs and personal lives. 2018 was grand! Our blog reached readers in 49 countries since its launching and we… Continue reading 10 Powerful Tips for 2019

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Spirit of Adventure

The adrenaline rush of a new occurrence, the mystery of an unforeseen experience and the excitement of endless possibilities. This is the spirit of adventure.

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Turn on, Turn Off…Stay off: Anxiety, intimacy and relationship blocks

Anxiety has the ability to deter you from your path, yourself and from others. Anxiety has a silent way to disrupt relationships, impacting intimacy.

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New Family with Old Family Business 

We can change our external experience/world but if we continue to engage in old, destructive behavior or patterns of thinking, more of the same will be created. The past will become our present and our future.

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The Blame Game

Research shares that we retain 80% of what we experience. It is not until we experience a different perspective that ours widens.

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What do I want: a beer? a cigarrette? to vent?

If we forget our own power and choose to assign it to something or someone outside of ourselves, we might remain powerless and frustrated. 

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Fostering Hope- A Blog Post

I learned that asking someone of their experience instead of judging their experience was much more powerful.

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Teachings from my Father- A Blog Post

June is the month to celebrate the fathers in our lives. In this post, you will read of two complex men that taught invaluable lessons to their daughters.


Is Therapy the Answer? A Blog Post

We are here to tell you that therapy can become your ally. It is a space where a trained professional will listen without judgement. A space where you can safely explore the pain and eventually flick it off, sending it on its way.  


Mother, Don’t Apologize- A Blog Post

For many, one of the coolest aspects of adulthood is learning and understanding one's parents on a deeper level. I've developed a new appreciation for who they were, what they’ve lived, and who they are today, especially, my mother.