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New Family with Old Family Business 

While planning our destination wedding, I was overjoyed with the upcoming celebration of our love and the union of our families. I pondered on the dynamics and meaning of joining our families while also creating our own nuclear family. Leading up to the wedding, everyone began processing how they perceived their individual relationships would change… Continue reading New Family with Old Family Business 

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The Blame Game

Life has a funny way of making you understand things when you claim to be ready to grow. It’s a matter of what we are choosing to pay attention to. Research shares that we retain 80% of what we experience. It is not until we experience a different perspective that ours widens. If we are open and willing to connect, instead of blaming, our understanding deepens.

Coping Skills

What do I want: a beer? a cigarrette? to vent?

Under stressful circumstances we can confuse pleasure as a solution to pain. Research states humans tend to externalize during times of stress, engaging in activities that involve sex, shopping, binge watching, gambling, adrenaline rushes…anything. Don’t get me wrong, none of those activities are bad but anything, including people, can become unhealthy outlets. If we forget our own power and choose to assign it to something or someone outside of ourselves, we might remain powerless and frustrated. 

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Fostering Hope- A Blog Post

Since my feature on voyagemia, many have expressed interest of my experience as a foster parent. At the age of 21, I along with my ex-partner, gained custody of his pre-teen cousin. Due to circumstances which are not mine to tell, I was faced with a decision; do I let her stay in a group… Continue reading Fostering Hope- A Blog Post

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Teachings from my Father- A Blog Post

June is the month to celebrate the fathers in our lives. In this post, you will read of two complex men that taught invaluable lessons to their daughters.


Is Therapy the Answer? A Blog Post

We are here to tell you that therapy can become your ally. It is a space where a trained professional will listen without judgement. A space where you can safely explore the pain and eventually flick it off, sending it on its way.  


Mother, Don’t Apologize- A Blog Post

For many, one of the coolest aspects of adulthood is learning and understanding one's parents on a deeper level. I've developed a new appreciation for who they were, what they’ve lived, and who they are today, especially, my mother.

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When is it over?

All of us have a story; a story that includes highs, lows, surprises, meltdowns, separation, loss, existential questions, you name it. We grow, we change, sometimes evolve or awaken, and yet sometimes we feel lost and question our path. I think for most of us it is often easy and even an automatic response to attempt to forget parts of our past so that in our minds we don't let it affect the present. Nevertheless, how do you know a chapter in your life has ended? When is it over for you? What do you to let go once it actually is over?