Hi, I’m Xiomara! Let me start by saying thank you for coming along this journey with us. I’m a lover of expressed creativity, people of all kinds, romantic comedies, pizza, and ranch sauce. When connecting with me, you will notice words such as energy, God, universe, and synchronicity in my vocabulary. I am a firm believer that we need to understand where we come from with the recognition that we have the power to direct the course of our lives through a change in thinking. After all, our perception creates our reality.

Because of this, I am a counselor, teacher, photographer, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and citizen of the world. My reality is that I can be all of these and don’t have to defined by one role. My passion is to create a space where one can explore all aspects of themselves and begin to open the door in one’s mind. Will it be hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Happy exploring!


Hello there! I am so happy you are here and excited to introduce myself to you! This blog, alongside private practice has been a dream come true, so Thank You for joining me, us, here!

Life’s journey can become confusing at times so I understand how detours and separation occurs. I believe coming together is becoming challenging as technology and social media separate us from each other and from ourselves on a regular basis. There’s so much going on nowadays that life is more complex than what our parents remember. Trauma is present in all of our lives, just in different ways and with different intensities.

As a passionate mental health counselor and change agent, I believe in soul connections. To accomplish this, there are no off topics for me since there is no sense in hiding who we are at any time. Being genuine is how you, me, we can expand on our own uniqueness and really connect. I believe that you, me and we can rise up, build up and grow despite the challenges. My desire is to not only inspire, but move you as we hold a soulful conversation.

Let’s connect, #realtalk with love

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