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The Power to Decide

I am always moved by how much our posts resonate with others. It reminds me that we are more connected than we think and are all looking for our tribe and community, especially, during these uncertain times. The Power to Choose post featured women in our community that are contributing their gifts so we may find strength during this time.


One of the benefits of being in my field and a constant student of life is meeting people that are in different stages and on different paths in their journey. Through vulnerability, we learn from each other’s stories and through strength we change them and our world. It’s an infectious energy that allows you to meet the right people at the right time.

This week, we are featuring two bad-ass women that DECIDED years ago to recognize their power and change their stories. They are now sharing their gifts with their daughters and the world.


Kathy is a Mama, Certified Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Behavior Change Specialist and Creator of Tiny Warrior Wellness . She has been practicing yoga since her early 20’s. She received a 200-hour YTT certification and soon began teaching at retreats, studios, and SUP Yoga in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Through the years of teaching and continuing her education with teachers and mentors, she has developed a deep connection with yoga that goes beyond asanas (poses) and created a yoga practice where one meets the deepest self. She assists others by creating self-love rituals and mindset shifts by blending Hatha Yoga, daily affirmations and journaling to spark their inner transformation.

Through her story, she shares her knowledge with us:

“I started yoga in 2005, and like most people, at the time, it was another “exercise” to switch up in my workout routine. At this time, Yoga classes were in gyms and not in yoga studios and although I didn’t really have a full understanding of yoga, I knew I had a connection with it. In 2016, the world felt scattered after some huge changes in my life which included my daughter entering high school.

Being a young, single mother to a teenage daughter has been by far the most challenging, heart wrenching, and ego shattering job. Everything I thought I knew or had figured out went out the window. High school years were the most challenging years for my daughter and me. It brought up a lot my childhood trauma, I was triggered beyond my control. Dr. Shefali Tsabary says, “Our children bring up all the things we’ve been avoiding all our lives and make us finally face them.” In Nichiren Buddhism, we believe our children choose us to be their parents and I couldn’t agree more with both. Leilani, my daughter, chose me because she knew she would be my greatest teacher. She’d create the path for me to meet the scared little girl inside, who never felt heard or safe. And finally, begin healing. That is what my greatest teacher gifted me.

My desire to seek positive change and healthy healing, led me to journaling and reconnected me with yoga. Yoga gave me tools to go from surviving in life to thriving in this world. A yoga practice taught my body and breath awareness. The power of breath in pranayama and meditation is where I learned to BE. It’s where I met my deepest self to better understand old narratives and habits, and it’s where inner transformation began. The deeper I dived in, the better I aware I became about my emotions. Yoga taught me to feel through my emotions. For someone who never had tools to express sadness or pain this was challenging, but I was ready to break open. After finding my yoga community, I decided to pursue the teacher certification and committed to be a student of yoga.”

I became a wellness entrepreneur because I learned through my journey, Self-love is the key to transforming anything in your life. I empower others to create Self-love rituals and shift their mindsets so that they make their health and wellness a priority.


IG: @TinyWarriorWellness 

FB: TinyWarriorWellness

Classes & Services:

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The Borja family are etched in my heart as my second family. But as life happens, sometimes we lose touch with those important people in our lives. Thanks to social media, I was reconnected with the Borja clan and the powerhouse that is Jessica Garcia, Certified Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Coach.

Jessica was raised in an athletic household as her family members are MAJOR soccer fans. Living an active lifestyle was something that came natural to her. But like most of us, those adolescent years came with exploration and sometimes leaving behind what is helpful to us. On her journey, she found her way back “home,” as she asked herself, “what brings me joy?” Deep in her heart and soul, she recognized that she felt the most joy being healthy and living an active lifestyle. However, she also found passion in showing others their strength by helping them create a lasting lifestyle change through education, accountability and personalized plans.

Jessica is a mother to a beautiful baby girl that often pops up on her “at home wellness tips” on Instagram. She describes her husband as her best friend and dance partner for life as they met in a salsa dance class. Family is important to Jessica as she integrates family and self-care in her business.  She believes that when we are at our best physically every other area of our life seems more manageable.

Through her story, Jessica shares this knowledge with us:

“For so long I’ve thought living a healthy lifestyle was something I had to do. And yes, that is true, but what I didn’t realize then was that not only was it something I had to do, but it was something I get to do— it’s a true privilege. I get to show up! I get to show up for my well-being, my body, my health, my mind, and my soul; that’s love of one’s self.

Living a purposeful life of health and happiness is putting this into perspective: working on physical health through nutrition and fitness is just a piece of the puzzle, INNER FITNESS is the missing piece. Inner fitness is the desire to learn and grow to be the best version of yourself on a deeper level by using practices to build strength from the inside out and cutting out all the junk from life. Just like we should eliminate junk foods on a daily basis, the junk of life serves no purpose to us too. Junk slows us down. It slows down our metabolism which can lead to feeling sluggish, foggy, restless, and worthless. Recognizing what we feed our bodies, what we feed our minds, and what we feed our souls is what’s going to either propel us towards being better versions of ourselves, or hold us back; hence, living a life of “what if’s.”

The future starts today; not tomorrow! Be more aware of what you do and what you say to yourself. We lie to ourselves all the time. Anytime we tell ourselves that we’re not good enough — that’s a lie! It’s our job to take our power back! You are more than your past experiences. Who you were in the past is not the person you are now. Even if you think you haven’t done much, trust me you have! Remember this: The feeling does not define you, it’s there to lift you up and help you grow— if you do your part. Dig deep! Show up for yourself. That’s strength. Train for Health, Train for Strength, Train for Happiness, Train for Life!”


Jessica J. Garcia is a Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach, a mother to a beautiful baby girl, and a wife to her loving & supportive husband.

IG: Jessica Garcia (Borja)

FB: Jessica Garcia, Train For Life Fitness
(Private FB Group) Launch date: May 4


I hope your journey allows you to connect with these women.

Much love,


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  1. Very insightful article about yourself and your accomplishments and how being fit and thinking positive can change everything
    Thanks for sharing
    Sergio Borja

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