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The Power to Choose

It is safe to discern that we have all experienced resistance and acceptance on some level this week. We have been “forced” to sit still and recognize what we have ignored in our lives while uncertainty knocked at our door. Many are questioning their livelihood as our city comes to an unwelcomed standstill. I can share from lessons learned on my journey that when faced with uncertain moments one can resist or accept the circumstances and prepare to overcome them. Resistance may be accompanied by anger, blame, disappointment, guilt, hurt, and shame. Acceptance may come with the same emotions but can be transformed to ease, honesty, peace, playfulness, understanding, and tolerance. Both levels and moments can be faced with introspection and connection in order to invite the lesson.

In my fifteen year human service career, I have seen many different reactions to fear and the unknown. I have witnessed people self-sabotage, self-harm, and avoid by looking for external validation in unhealthy places. I have also witnessed people accept and forgive themselves and others, overcome their worst fears, and recognize the power within themselves. We always have the choice although circumstances can bury or hide those choices for the moment.

This week, I experienced the choice of kindness by my neighbor. At the grocery store an elderly woman and I connected on the best BOGO deal. As the shelves were emptying, there were only a few items on special left; she grabbed two and handed them to me before grabbing any for herself. I gratefully accepted and met her kindness with eye contact, a smile, and a simple “Thank you,” as she reminded me how we can come together even if it’s for five minutes in aisle seven. However, this moment or exchange won’t make the evening news. The moments of scarcity, greed and worry hold our attention. We forget that for months or years we have been asking for “more time.” More time with family, more time at home, more time to do what we love, more time to learn a new skill, more time to cook, more time to exercise, more time to develop that business model…the list is endless. We asked for this time and it came in an unexpected and inconvenient form but it’s here and it’s our choice what we do with this moment.

This week, I made the choice to seek abundance and kindness. In this frequency, inspired thought came knocking at my door and heart and invited me to reach out to my community which inspire me in many ways. Below you will meet intentional, loving, and powerful women that have invited abundance and community into their hearts and are giving back to you.


Gaby Guzman is “La Madrina” of Las Comadres , “a community that creates a space for women to connect with themselves and each other, to get clear and fulfill their purpose.”

She is offering you an online Grounding Circle with Gaby which is held every Monday evening at 8pm. A space to talk about what we’re going through, what we’re afraid of, what we’re daring to be hopeful about. We’ll talk grounding, rituals, and truth.


Vanessa Velez, the founder of Clarity is Crucial, where she helps brilliant women elevate into the person their purpose needs them to be.

She’s a 4th generation healer and intuitive, with a Fortune 500 background and indigenous roots.

Before taking the entrepreneurial leap, she led a corporate career in a male-dominated industry as a leader, trainer and professional problem solver – a path that would be forever altered the day she resigned and dove all in to her purpose.

Since then, she’s worked with women from San Diego to Sweden – in person + online, hosted group workshops + events, taught live online + on stage, created her own products, programs + the Clarity is Crucial podcast – all with one clear aim…

To help brilliant women like you lead and be the person your purpose needs.

Take advantage of this life-changing workshop on Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST.

Here’s the link to the workshop landing page + all the details to sign up:

Free Game Plan Workshop


Michelle Rodriguez, owner of Lumina Massage has over 23 years of experience. Her mission is “to empower, protect and serve women and children through the healing therapy of massage and promoting a holistic lifestyle. My efforts,time, energy and resources are to serve this population no matter their background or status. I specialize in neuromuscular therapy with carefully adjusted and researched methods to prepare mom-to-be for her amazing journey in birth.”

This powerhouse is offering you virtual consultations and live guides for three services which includes, Muscle Injury at Home Treatment Guide, Virtual Stretching Tutorial for Muscle Pain, Induction Point Tutorial for Muscle Pain.

Book you virtual session on Lumina Massage Services.


Barbara Alfonzo is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Yoga Teacher dedicated to educating women on cultivating healthy living habits so they can upgrade the current state of their health, relationships, movement, career, and spirituality. You can find her online training at Integrate to Upgrade

She has created a beautiful Anapana Meditation which can be accessed anytime you need to feel connected and uplifted.


Diana L. Aviles is a dance fitness instructor, mother of two wonderful children and a wife to a loving Chiropractor. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico, “La Isla del Encanto.”

Her love for dance began at the age of nine and evolved to teaching others how to develop their gift of movement. Her passion for Education and Dance inspired her to complete an undergraduate and graduate degree in Exceptional Student Education. As a working student, she achieved a Group Fitness Certification as a Zumba Instructor. Since that time, she has completed over 15 certifications which allow her to impact different age groups.

Today, Diana is a full-time Virtual Fitness Instructor and is offering you virtual classes this week which include Barre and Yoga  , Zumba , and Zumba Kids !


Dora Salazar is a Paramedical Aesthetician, beauty specialist and a passionate advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Recognizing the importance of treating the skin from as a whole, she has created her own methods with a fusion of science and holistic disciplines. She brings an integrative approach to beauty and health educating women on skin care, nutritional tips and facial massage techniques to keep a youthful complexion and staying healthy.

Dora has a Skin Studio in Miami and can be easily reached through her Instagram and Facebook accounts @dbeautyclick where she constantly shares in her IGTV channel educative videos on facial massage and self care.

She is offering you videos on:
-Lift and Sculpt your face in one week
-How to put together an effective skincare regimen.
– The benefits of masking


Thank you to all the wonderful women that contributed to this post and to all of you for allowing me into your heart and space.


Much love,



5 thoughts on “The Power to Choose”

  1. As I sit on my couch and peruse ways to buy toilet paper and other essential oddities online that remain unavailable in stores, my stomach tightened. I couldn’t believe this is what our world has come to. Yet after reading your story, it brought tears to my eyes. This is a time for people to come together. Yes, we are in quarantine and isolation. Physically we can’t be together but sharing what we do have with those around us can go a long way.

    When I did leave the house, I viewed everyone as an enemy. A potential threat of my physical well being, the carrier of an infection disease, a consumer of MY supplies.

    But I see now that is exactly the kind of attitude that will destroy our personal morale and emotional well being during this difficult time.

    It’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to preserve what we do have. That’s normal. There is ENOUGH good to go around for all of us. We will get through this. I WILL get through this.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so happy the post resonated with you.

      It’s been a huge shift in such a short span that’s it’s normal for us to be on survival mode and experience what you did.

      Allow yourself some grace as we begin to navigate this moment in our lives.

      We’re here for you! We will get through this together!


  2. Thank you for the inspirational conversation. This time is difficult for most but together we can come out stronger. Thank you for the resources.


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