Can’t Rain On My Parade

In the Roman calendar, March was the first month of the year as it was transition from winter to spring. This winter, I persevered through self-guilt and made time for rest and renewal. I explored my inner world and regrouped. Most importantly, I rested in the realizations that I no longer needed to “hustle” by anyone’s standards but appreciate what I have created thus far and continue realizing my true self. So, it’s no coincidence that my first post after a small hiatus would be on this month.

On a beautiful day, I excitedly boarded a plane to visit family. As I entered the air craft, I was pleasantly surprised by the new modern vibe, updated seating accommodations and most importantly more leg room! I located my window seat and got comfy with my pillow, music, and book. I was content. Soon after I was settled, a family of four made their way to the row in front of me. As I was placing my headphones, the clearly frazzled husband commented to his wife, “Great, we got the hard plastic chairs.” Confused, I looked at the seat in front of me and surely enough I noticed plastic seating wrapped in leather (insert glass shattered effect). Almost immediately, my butt started hurting, I felt uncomfortable and that extra leg room was none existent.

Isn’t it strange how in a split second, your experience can shift so drastically due to owning someone’s reality? I immediately recognized what happened, honored what I felt and talked myself back to a place where I was grateful and content with MY experience. I shifted in my mind, and in my seat, placed my headphones, smiled and grew excited for the adventure I was embarking.

This season, notice if you are allowing other’s experiences, expectations, or opinions of you ruin your day. Most importantly, notice if you are allowing them to ruin your potential. This year, I have adopted saying NO. No to overbooking myself, no to running on fumes, no to doing things I don’t want to do, no to investing in people that don’t invest in me, and no to feeling guilty about saying no!

This season, I am seeding the power of YES! Yes to quality time with my tribe, yes to loving myself without limitations, yes to new experiences, and yes to rest.

Plant your seeds, know that rain will come and that’s it’s needed for growth but don’t let someone rain on your parade. Own your power. Own your experience. And, play in the rain once in a while.

With love and gratitude,


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