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10 Powerful Tips for 2019

2018 left us many teachings, as it came with exciting challenges. We launched this blog, started private practice, partnered with other professionals to share our story, and all while also trying to balance our full time jobs and personal lives. 2018 was grand! Our blog reached readers in 49 countries since its launching and we couldn’t be more grateful. This 2019 we want more…more smiles, more fun, more soulful conversations, more clients, more community service, and more growth in all aspects of the word.

With this first blog post of 2019 we want to pay tribute and share with you all the simple yet effective reminders that resulted from magical interactions between ourselves and our clients.

This is for them and their courage to step into our office space to let us be a part of their mystical unfolding. No masks, no secrets, just raw honesty sprinkled with tears, sweat, smiles and soulful discoveries. Sometimes we underestimate the power of the small things, so this is for them, for us and hopefully for you.

  1. Become relevant

We all encounter people in our lives that leave a mark, a print. They show up unexpectedly and sometimes their interactions with us create a certain havoc. If you find yourself in a similar experience, know that eventually each of you will fulfill your path, so, when you find yourself prioritizing someone who no longer is meant to support your journey, reflect on who you really want to focus on- them or you. Make yourself relevant in your own story.

  1. It’s ok to separate

We all carry patterns, conditionings, secrets. Sometimes our family history is so heavy that we forget to self-care. If you find yourself in a relationship where patterns create constant tension, it’s ok to separate- even from a parent, sibling or any type of close knit loved one. Establish a boundary that protects you and fosters your individual growth.

  1. Drive the distance

One client lived a couple of hours away from our office. This particular client drove to each of our scheduled sessions to guarantee their scheduled sacred time. Sometimes we tell ourselves that “it’s too late,” or “it’s too far,” or “It’ll take too long.” Be mindful that we each decide where we take ourselves. If you are on the search of something, do not allow perimeters to limit your growth, your vision, your path.

  1. Where there was once fire, ashes remain

Divorce or any type of separation can be a gruesome process. There is so much of yourself and the other person intertwined that heartache can lead to elevated stress levels and/or a lack of self-care. If you are going through a separation remember to take some time to grieve and release the toxicity accumulated in a healthy and safe manner. Toxicity can be overworking, alienating, arguing, or anything that brings you down. Create a ritual for yourself; a routine that gives you a break with some serenity for your soul.

  1. Find your scent

Life has so many colors and distractions that we no longer stop to smell the roses. If you find yourself experiencing a difficult moment, find a tool that can assist in your grounding—maybe a scent, maybe a crystal, or a stress ball, or a safe space where you can indulge and stimulate your senses differently. Perception results from the processing of information through your senses, so be mindful of which senses you decide to rely upon or activate.

  1. Sit still

“Busy, busy, busy…work, work, work,” is usually what we say when we live for our routine. Sit still and just breathe for yourself. Inhale and exhale consciously. Listen to yourself. You might be surprised of what you hear yourself say.

  1. Make it workable

With the many circumstances that life throws at us, at times it is not important whether something is right based on factual evidence. Sometimes its a matter of what would actually invite in peace. So, instead of fighting with yourself, make it workable. Ex. “It’s not right for me to eat this when I’m trying to…however, right now I can…” If you would like to tweak your current personal rules, ask yourself what you can do in the moment to maintain a win-win attitude and response. Challenge yourself, but only with the intention of incorporating flexibility into rigid patterns.

  1. Acceptance

We all struggle with something. What would it take for you to make peace with that? What would it take to make peace with yourself? How do you rate yourself on a scale from 1-5 regarding self-acceptance? Pay attention to your self-descriptors as they might remain the titles of the next chapters in your book.

  1. Express yourself

Whether you’re a teen or a full blown adult, the need to self-express is as important as always. What type of artist are you? What’s your style? If you know, rock it with all the love in your heart. If you are in the exploration stage, don’t be afraid to experiment…keep in mind, we are all just creators of our own…disguise.

  1. Laugh

Laugh whenever possible. Some claim it takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, but depending on your source you might be surprised to learn it takes 26 to smile and 62 to frown. Don’t get us wrong, when tears need to be shed, please cry and release them without a fight. Nevertheless, when you can, laugh at your own goofiness…why not? In the end, it’s only you against yourself.

Happy 2019!!!…and yes, we’re accepting new clients!!!!

With love,


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