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Spirit of Adventure

In 2014, Xiomara and her husband met Joaquin on a beautiful sunny day in Wynwood. He was selling vibrant handmade Balinese beaded bracelets which he created during his travels. He shared of his experience in Bali and his intention in creating the pieces. Xiomara and her husband loved his energy, mission, and overall vibe.  Since then, a genuine and supportive friendship has been formed, and we have enjoyed seeing Joaquin succeed in all his ventures including Tea and Poets.

Joaquin, Therapy Outside the Box Blog is thrilled and grateful for this collaboration. Tell us in one sentence how you describe your outlook on life:

I live my life to its absolute fullest and embrace each experience as a karmic teacher.

Adventure seems to be a staple for your message. Tell us about that.

The adrenaline rush of a new occurrence, the mystery of an unforeseen experience and the excitement of endless possibilities. This is the spirit of adventure. The willingness to say “yes” to the universe and all that it beholds. I consciously choose a path less traveled; one that will constantly challenge every aspect of my true self.

How can someone develop an adventurous spirit or outlook? 

By letting go. As I sit here, stretched out on a hammock at the base of a volcano in the middle of the rain forest of Costa Rica, I allow myself to absolutely let go. Ask yourself, when was the last time you truly let go? There is no need to try to control your situation. Allow yourself to just be and embrace the moment. Build a relationship with yourself that is pure and filled with unconditional love. Because undoubtedly, there will be multiple times throughout your life when you will be the only person there for yourself. So, embrace the spirit of adventure and continue to build a relationship with yourself; it will only strengthen the bond you have with your heart and lead you to a healthier life. And I hope that in your healthy life, you dream big, walk the walk and talk the talk, take every opportunity that is presented to you and work hard to achieve every dream that you have.

What are some blockages for an adventurous spirit?

Giving up. It is easy to give up. It is easy to play the victim card and complain that life has just been too hard for you. There is no progress in that story. No one will read that book. Write your own history! Fight for what you believe in and never give up no matter how hard you think it is! The strongest swords are forged under the hottest flames. This moment is yours. It is an awakening if you want it to be. It is the realization that from this moment forward you have 100% control over your life to create, to manifest, to bring into your life every bit of beauty, joy, love and compassion that you dream for yourself. So seize the spirit of adventure and live your life to its fullest potential!

Where can people find out about your new adventures, events or projects?

Instagram: joaquinprovider

2014 Wynwood Market, Gilson, Xiomara & Joaquin with his brand Provider Lifestyle

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