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Power and Control: The Race

Power and control…two words that can be expressed in so many different ways causing a spectrum of reactions. My question to you is, do you believe you have power and/or control? If you do, how do you display your power and/or control? How do you benefit from them?

If you answered no, why do you not believe you hold power and/or control? For how long have you been telling yourself that story?

By this point of this reading, you can assume correctly that I will argue that we all have power and/or control- at least of ourselves. I understand there are circumstances when we lead ourselves to believe that our lives are dependent on another’s decision, a specific situation, a desired outcome, etc. Truth of the matter is that you choose how you do you at all times, even when you are not choosing.

This week’s post will be different. In the next couple of paragraphs I’ll be sharing a poem I wrote inspired by self realizations. A poem on the power of awareness. There are many different types of power and many ways in which we can gain control over others and/or over ourselves. Yet, without awareness we might not claim our power while also telling ourselves we have also lost control. With such negative self talk we could end up racing, chasing, tiring ourselves out. Instead, start a conversation, a conversation with you, your challenges and ask yourself what race are you participating in, since when and what for?

I now share a piece of me with you. From my heart to yours.

 The Race

It ended.

The life I knew for years ended.

Posing at the Start line

I thought I had found my grace.

I dreamt… believing I could win the race.

I stood confident with my winning face,

as the fire within set the pace.


I ran.

I stopped paying attention, yet thinking I was still competing side by side,

Honoring what I thought I had.

Years went by…

And despite my heart’s sprinting

The finish line was nowhere near.

You see, it had been replaced by fear.


Oh the lies that kept the pace,

Failing to realize I was running no place.

Tired of the sweat,

One day I looked in the mirror.

The mirror reflected back where I stood.

I was no longer running.

Instead,  I was stalling.

Mirror showed how addicted to that space I’d become.

I had allowed myself to rely on blame, resentment, regret.

I’d failed to recognize they’d become my running mates.

My shadow was winning the race,

The shadow I tried to escape.

One bitter sweet day, we both came face to face.

My shadow whispered:

“I am here, let me stay.”

For years I pretended I didn’t hear what my shadow had to say.

Now I know,

My Shadow is not what I need to separate.

To be whole,

I must not forget my shadow’s way.

Now it speaks

And I listen,

To its wise words for me to appreciate.

My shadow says,

“Night and day share the sky without regrets.

Why do you dissociate?

I know I’ve made mistakes,

But please understand,

the more you run,

The more I’ll be the shadow you can’t escape.

So, let’s make peace…and recognize:

I am you

and you are me.

Embrace love,

Embrace darkness,

Embrace me.

Shine through it all…and set yourself free.”


We all have shadows and they are all “dark.” Just bear in mind that darkness complements the light.

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