Float much?

Yesterday I was at the beach with a friend having a delightful chat on how he couldn’t float. He said, “I’ve been thinking about floating, so look at this.” He proceeded to show me how he was able to lay flat on the water, holding his breath, followed by sinking a couple of seconds later. Progress!!! He had been unable to hold himself in the water just a few weeks back!

Can you relate to the feeling of wanting to do something but telling yourself you wouldn’t know how to? If you can, do you sometimes just don’t try at all?

By telling ourselves we “can’t” or don’t know “how to” we are activating the vibration of exactly that. Yet, wonders occur when we allow ourselves through our thoughts to gear us in a different direction.

My friend, he’s a thinker, over-thinker. One of those analytic minds that holds on to things that catch his attention – like all of us! He continued to share, “I was thinking that if you and I are on a boat, and it sinks, if I’m unable to float, you’d have to help me, but I’d probably drag you down, so then we’d both sink and die… That’s why I’ve been practicing!” I was surprised and thought to myself silently, “WTH! He thinks about stuff like this?” I smiled. He added, “What I realized is that floating is like Life. If you don’t know how to float, you’re going to sink or drag someone down with you.”

In my head I heard drum rolls as he blew me away with his analogy. Then, I started thinking. If we were to pay attention to the small, or big, repetitive actions in our lives, what would those actions be symbolic of?

What are you not pursuing due to repeating to yourself you don’t know how to? What is it? Could you learn more about it? Could you practice it in your head?

Research has proven that just by us practicing a skill mentally we increase our chances of doing it better once we decide to put it into action. By rehearsing and accommodating our thoughts we are able to welcome new opportunities and outcomes.

Moreover, now with social media and Youtube, there’s literally nothing we can say we don’t have information on for us to try it out. The internet and many apps out there have tons of DIY projects, ideas, recipes and instructions. Practice makes perfect they say, so why can’t we say the same to ourselves?

If you were to do a self inventory today, what would you choose to practice more of?

What have you beeen putting of that you’d really like to try?

Could you start visualizing your end goal in the comfort of your own mind?

What my friend taught me is that by reflecting on the way we do not do things we can unveil a deeper understanding of our so called limitations. We are then able to question how such limitatons are symbolic of our fears, and even of our lack of practice. When we start reflecting on our needs, wants and desires, then goals become much more tangible.

So, float much?

I do and you can too!

With love,  Yari

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