This life is timed and no one knows when the clock will strike and their day will end…Tic, Toc

All they know will no longer exist. They will float to a place where their soul is free…Tic, Toc

Death use to be an end for me; where they go I will never know. Enraged and alone, I lay the bricks to block the pain from rushing in. Leave not a crack, no breath of life, no room to understand why the dark cloud floats above me. Following me as a reminder that with every drop the clock will strike…Tic, Toc

As I shed my skin and my being evolves, I work to destroy the bricks…Tic, Toc

The darkness is slowly met by light and what fills the space are the words:

Warrior, don’t be afraid of what is ahead. Take your angel’s hand and let her guide you down the path. There are going to be moments you may not feel her touch but you will know what you are to do. Do not let disillusionment take her place for she is always with you. She was sent to protect you…trust.. She is the warmth on your face when you open your eyes. She is the comfort in the wind when it blows through your hair. She is the strength in the sound of the ocean. You have all the time to create a better world…Tic, Toc


Let’s start creating,


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