Change the Ringtone

Often times we find ourselves caught up in daily routine. We wake up, get ready for our day in the same manner, at the same time, and usually even match it with the same breakfast as the day prior. Sometimes even our alarm and ring tone remain unchanged throughout the year. We choose to hear the same ringtones, first thing in the morning, unchanged for 365 days. Wooow.

Dr. Joe Dispenza often shares that we have an average of 60-70K thoughts a day, out of which most are recycled thoughts. Consequently, since we are not changing the ringtone, we remain “inspired” by the same thoughts/tones repeatedly, creating our daily reality. This self imposed routine is also known as a creativity or passion kill.

On our previous posts we have discussed endings, beginnings, fear, loss and joy. This week, inner talk, as a powerful agent, will be explored.

Let me share with you a story that ilustrates the power of inner talk. There’s one main character in this story, whom I’ll identify as “this person,” to respect their privacy. There’s also me.

A few months back my week ended quite abruptly. Friday, as expected, came around; however, unexpectedly, it evolved with a twist. It was nighttime when this person attempted suicide. They had been stressing for some time and their ringtone had not only remained unchanged, but intensified each time it rang. The reality of it felt more like a movie, where the jingle was “Life is too painful so I’m no longer choosing pain.” Their ringtone had become too overwhelming, so that night, this person rejected the usual inner talk and decided to change the ringtone.

As I tried to understand this person’s sense of reality, I realized routine had dragged on, and although the days were “different,” this person couldn’t see or hear life’s ringtone played any other way. This person often stated, “I’m just tired.” I placed myself in this person’s shoes and realized I am not so different. I too re-play certain patterns becoming unable to hear or listen to other playlists. I too can become so used to what I’ve already chosen and created for myself that I don’t consider change even when I know I am not happy. I can admit that I have labeled myself in limiting ways during different phases of my life, repeating to myself undeserving words that intensify a specific perspective/reality for me.

For instance, how often do you repeat to yourself the same idea/thought/judgment about your life/friends/hobbies/work/family, and most importantly, about yourself? What is it exactly that you tell yourself and how beneficial is it really to you?

When is it time to change your ringtone? How often do you change it?

On what perspective do you rely on when choosing your next tone/play-list?

We all dance to our own tune. Therefore, I invite you to join me in this conversation. Whether it is something as small and annoying as a simple ringtone on your phone, or as big as life or death, can you change one thing about your self talk to facilitate changing that “old” ringtone? Could you update it in any way?

What steps could you be willing to take? When will you start implementing such an action plan?

What are you waiting for?

On the other hand, if you are happy with your ringtone, just remember that any playlist needs some updating every now and then. Incorporating a new play-list that matches your current goals is very important.

This is your Life, so please, always remember there are plenty of ringtones out there you can try…but if selection overwhelms you, seek someone with experience that can assist you in your journey.

With love,


If you or someone you know has experienced suicidal ideation or plans, share the following resources. You or them don’t have to go through it alone.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline



Florida Initiative for Suicide (click their Resources tab for a full list)


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2 thoughts on “Change the Ringtone”

  1. I like this notion of changing the “ringtone” of our lives. It takes some consciousness and intention to do but I absolutely believe it is possible. Dr. Joe Dispenza has some amazing wisdom, doesn’t he? I really enjoyed reading “Changing the Habit of Being Yourself.”

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