Comparison…The Creativity Killa-A Blog Post

Comparing my life or my work has been a nasty revolving pattern in my life. Even as I write this, I have to combat my thoughts of criticism. I’m a firm believer that we manifest through our thinking.  So, if I continue to be in a space of less than, I will produce less than situations. I invited myself to explore this narrative that I have projected onto the world. A movie where it’s me against the world. And, truth be told, it’s really a battle against my thinking pattern.

On this journey, I’ve been met by people, conversations, and experiences that remind me why this is important to address. The clerk at a grocery store brought insight that we set our own limitations and that we have the key to let ourselves free at any time. We just think we have to wait for someone or something to do it for us. We often affirm, “When the right person comes around, I will be the best version of myself…When I get the right job, I will be happy…When I get… (fill in the blank).” It’s always a waiting game for something more. Don’t t confuse this for patience. It is spiritual avoidance at its finest.

In my creative endeavors, I recognized often blocking myself by comparing my work to that of others. I had to learn to discern when I was channeling inspiration or when was I comparing. One felt like a bolt of energy while the other left me confused and often masked itself as procrastination. We tend to forget that we are running our own race. There is no one to beat.

I was contacted by a powerful female entrepreneur and was asked to collaborate for her vision. We met for coffee and she shared that during her meditations my name kept coming up. I knew this was synchronicity because I too had been thinking of connecting with her. What a compliment from the universe! However, doubt slowly crept in, “What if I can’t live up to her standards?” I was blocked for days leading up to the start of the project. I was looking at other people’s work and literally killing my creativity.  I recognized this nasty little pattern and made a conscious choice and effort to fight it. I woke up one morning before sunrise and used my greatest spiritual tool…meditation. I set my intention and asked for creativity to flow through me to assist my client with her vision. What happened after was magical. Hours of shooting went by and ideas flooded me making it hard to keep up. The moment I surrendered my doubts and fears, I was able to align my frequency and create. Needless to say, my client was thrilled with the final product. When I showed her the images and explained why I chose certain items to photograph, she said it was like I read her mind. Once I allowed myself to be in the present moment and set a clear intention, the answers came to me through feelings and images.

XS Love Photography
Image created for Clarity is Crucial

Today, is the birthday of someone very special to me. While he is no longer on the physical plane, he continues to impact me. I am reminded of his belief in my talent and strength even when I was a lost 17-year-old who had suffered the loss of a father. In those moments of grief, I didn’t have the time to compare. It reminds me that my creative expression is a spiritual experience. In those small moments when I let go of my limited perception of self and allow myself to connect with my source, it flows. Inspiration manifests on a soul level and is created for our physical senses. If you constantly compare your craft, your gifts, your life to someone else’s you are blocking your flow. We can draw inspiration from others but our task is to create in our own greatness. Expand the vision and build upon it. When we try to recreate someone else’s work, it is interpreted as inauthentic. People won’t respond to it and they may not know why. Authenticity allows your vision to flow and for others to truly connect with you.

We need to drop the baggage holding experiences of lack. We can look at any situation and shed light…make it lighter. That is how we reclaim our power and align with our higher purpose. Once you can step out of the experience and become an observer, you can formulate a more objective view. My past holds doubts and fears and since I focused on that, it blocked my present flow. Now, I choose to view my past for what it is, a classroom filled with experiences that molded me into the powerful presence that I am today. It may be a hard pill to swallow but only because it is foreign. We are comfortable with guilt and shame. And, uncomfortable with our wholeness.

Let’s flip the script.

Let’s believe in miracles.

Let’s believe in the good.

Change your story.

Be in the flow,


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