Don’t Hit That Bus- Blog Post

During the past few months, I have been faced with obstacles or as I like to call them, opportunities. Most of them have been spiritual opportunities; an invitation to see past the obvious in any moment.  Many of the invitations addressed, “Xiomara, you’re about to get your ass kicked” arrived at a time when narrow thinking was keeping me fixed on the obvious. The opportunities have served as a mirror to appreciate growth, vulnerability, and areas that still need tending to.

One sunny day, after a storm had cleared, I began the drive back to my home. I became aware of the obstacles that were in my way. The storm caused accidents, trees to fall on the road, and power outages. I had to discern when to swerve, detour or just simply stop and work with those around me so that we could arrive to our destination safely. I remember thinking, this has been my life these past few weeks.  As my husband likes to say, “How one drives a car can show how one drives through life” (mind blown).  You’re either aware of your surroundings or you’re distracted with your own thoughts and don’t notice that you are now stuck behind a big city bus. Yup, that’s usually me! Pass and wave! There goes the daydreamer and deep thinker. For this reason, I am constantly working on ways to remain present in my daily life. If you get stuck behind that big city bus from time to time (it’s okay), these mindfulness tips may be for you.

  1. Create 5 minutes in your daily life to become centered in your space.
  2. Give yourself time with your thoughts, (scary I know), you are capable of changing how the stories impact you once you become aware.
  3. Talk to God. Talk to a therapist. Talk to a friend. Heck, talk to your dog. Let the thoughts out of your head and honor what you are feeling at the moment.
  4. Determine which area(s) in your life can improve in order to help you cope when the invitations make it to your door, because they will! Next time, the envelope will be addressed, “You got this.”
  5. Create a mantra that will ground you. Take a deep breath and repeat.  My mantra is, “In this moment, I choose peace.”
  6. Welcome the spiritual opportunities by knowing that you will learn and grow from them.



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