Endings & Beginnings – Blog Post

Recently a loved one passed away, unexpectedly. It hit me. The first stage of grief, denial, kicked in and guilt soon followed. We all experience loss, and each loss comes with emotional baggage and triggers. It can also bring the opportunity to learn, reflect, and adjust some personal reactions to transitions. Maybe, you didn’t experience a death of a loved one but rather experienced the loss of a dream, a relationship, employment, or simply the end of another year around the sun.

2017 was the end of what was and what wasn’t. Loss is also synonymous of beginning. My loved one, I believe, transitioned. Within my belief system, she is in a new space where her soul continues to experience life. It’s all about perspective.

2018 is a new year, filled with new beginnings and endless possibilities for experiences, reflections,  celebrations, and, yes, even losses. Aside from the usual personal “resolutions,” the “end” of 2017 allowed me to decide what I want to build upon for this new year.

As January is coming to end, allow yourself the time to take a self inventory of these first couple of weeks. Get out some good old pen and paper and get real with yourself and your dreams.

How did 2017  “end” for you?

What worked and didn’t work for you in 2017?

Can you build upon what did work?

Did you affirm your intention for 2018?

Have you identified step 1 of your 2018 action plan?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Just start and know that you have 344 days to create, adjust, and enjoy the ride towards your dreams.

6 thoughts on “Endings & Beginnings – Blog Post”

  1. Very true on all points! Endings are beginnings, beautiful easy to put it. Change is always hard but it is the flow of life.


  2. Greetings,
    Congratulations ladies! Great post. 😊👍🏽 I believe that I set certain intentions for 2017 and met them. Although, I’ve had a rough start in 2018 I think these curve balls in life help set other intentions we might have neglected (equally as important). So, I’m working on incorporating those with the ones I had before. I just need to work on setting a balance for them all.

    Best of luck/wishes


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