Welcome to our page! We are so excited to share this blog with you that started in our hearts years ago.  Our intention is to connect, support, inspire, and empower people through deep exploration and meaningful conversations.

As professionals, we strive to provide “outside the box” counseling centered around authenticity, creativity, and self-expression. Our M.O is to strengthen our client’s well-being by way of facilitating change.

As women, we recognize the importance of supporting one another in going beyond our perceived roles. As human beings, we recognize the importance of surpassing perceived fear and returning to a space where we are all respected and valued.

We are people of service who are driven by passion and a belief in the power of change and self growth. We believe in positive thinking, practicing holistic teachings, and engaging in creative endeavors. Most importantly, we believe in the healing power of community and unity.

As you read on, you will become familiar with our  writing styles. Yari, loves expressing her ideas and knowledge as if you are sitting with her having an extended conversation. Xiomara often keeps it short and sweet as she’s primarily behind the camera and constantly capturing new images for the blog and other social media. In  the absence of a signature at the end of a post, it’s safe to assume we worked on it together.

We are pleased you have entered our space and are delighted to support your path to wholeness.

Xiomara & Yari

Here, in a min you will be part of my past from my new start. I will never forget you and the things you have taught me. I have learned alot, Thank you so much! You don’t know how you have changed my life. You are the best and you are awesome at what you do. Stay safe and I hope you make it big in life. You deserve it, for real. I did not do my homework, my dog ate it, lol. Maybe I’ll run into you in life one day and I can repay you for all your help.


To Yari

I am a woman who had just served a five-year prison sentence when I had the privilege of having Xiomara as my therapist. While incarcerated, I took many self-improvement classes, such as substance abuse and anger management. Yet, the transition from prison to society and not being wholly accepted by most people was difficult. Xiomara helped make the transition easier by assisting me in dealing with daily struggles like temptations, feelings of inadequacy, frustrations, and hindrances. We did daily, weekly, and monthly planning for my new life. She would tell me stories of similar experiences that she herself had. This made me feel like a “regular” person with common problems as the rest of the world. Almost two years since my release, I realize just how fortunate I am to have the support and guidance from such a gentle and loving person who truly cares for me. I am now helping others who are in similar situations because giving back is all part of life. It’s how things are supposed to be. I thank God for putting Xiomara in my life and I value her more than she probably realizes.  R.B. (Initials used to maintain confidentiality).


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